Rob Thomas Finger: Matchbox Twenty Singer Feeling Unwell After Nasty Accident

Rob Thomas finger feels a little “bad”. Matchbox Twenty singer cut the tip of his finger in Tuesday morning while making breakfast for his wife, Mari.

According Hollywood Daily News, fingertip Rob Thomas was cut after accidentally cut food preparation.

Matchbox Twenty frontman shared some photos of her deformed finger on her social networking sites and letting his loyal fans know that feeling well after the accident.
matchbox twenty
“In the hospital now. It’s not supposed to be more finger there.”

Rare is the name of Rob Thomas’ in the news, but when his fans saw the singer / songwriter had injured his finger, which immediately began to worry about the manufacturer of handsome hit.

“Ouch. Not good for a musician to be losing a bit of a digit.”

“Do not eat anything Rob tries to give.”

However, Rob has much to be thankful, and is doing very well for someone who rose to fame in the 1990s, demonstrating his talent, voice and lyrics have serious longevity. Unfortunately, according to the Inquisitr, others have not been so lucky.

Of course, fans of Rob Thomas were a little concerned about the ability of the singer to play guitar and piano after misfortune. However, it seems that after some medical attention Thomas will be fine, and hopefully in time to return to the road with his band Matchbox Twenty to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the group.

According to the examiner, Rob and the boys made fun great anniversary tour next year and many of its fans expect them to look at the band celebrates 20 years of success with great songs like “3 am” “push”, “poor health”, “Bright Lights”, “She’s so bad” and “Overjoyed”.

Meanwhile, it is likely that the wife of Rob Thomas, Marisol Maldonado, who married in 1999, takes care of her husband as a cure finger nasty cut as it is just because he was making breakfast when the accident happened.

Rob and Marisol have been together for 15 years and have maintained their relationship mostly private. But Thomas does write many songs about their experiences and feelings, so many of his songs were inspired by Mari and their life together, that Marisol has been said in the past is just part of the deal when you marry with a composer / musician.


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