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Matchbox Twenty Lead Singer Helps Local Dog

The tweet from a famous musician helped him get a house for a dog Beaufort County last week.

Matchbox Twenty singers Rob Thomas has written comments about Pfeizer Twitter, a dog left in Beaufort County Animal Control.
NEWS_DOG on MatchBox

Twitter Thomas took hundreds of calls and emails about Pfeizer across the country and Canada, said Todd Taylor, head of the Beaufort County Animal Control.

“That’s out of the norm for our facilities, sometimes we’ll get 10 to 15 responses, but that was crazy,” Taylor said. “It (Twitter) spreads the word fast.”

A veterinarian Chocowinity Pfeizer adopted later in the week, said animal control officer Josh Jobe.

Thomas, a lover of animals, often used his Twitter account to share stories of abuse and neglect of animals throughout the county, along with pets that just need a good home. Thomas and his wife Marisol, started a foundation called Sidewalk Angels, supporting a series of no-kill animal shelters and animal rescue operations.

Grammy Award winning singer learned about Washington area Eims dog Penny, a writer online.

“I write about dogs and learn about dogs from various places, including Facebook, readers alerting me to the dogs at risk of being put down and across groups of dogs networks,” said Eims.

Pfeizer, a mix of Labrador retriever 16 years old, was left in Beaufort County Animal Control after their owners could not care for him anymore because of medical expenses, the animal control authorities said. The dog’s arthritis and skin is thin and missing in places.

Thomas said on his Twitter, “This child is homeless after 16yrs, just because it is old.”

Jobe said Pfeizer was handed over to animal control by a family who had taken charge of the dog’s attention to a different owner, but after several years and could not continue.

“It was just too much for them,” Jobe said.

“Once we got here we were told that is not friendly and does not like certain people,” Jobe said. “So we knew it was going to be a special adoption. Bailouts we have searched for him and had a rescue down from Raleigh, but did not work.”