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Rob Thomas Of Matchbox Twenty Talks About Being Called Rock Star: “It Kind Of Rubs Me The Wrong Way”

For over 15 years, Matchbox Twenty has been rocking crowds and diehard fans sold out.

With countless hits like “Unwell” , “real world” and ” Bright Lights” , the rock band is no stranger to success. But with so much talent and fame, Rob Thomas and his bandmates are not exactly call themselves rock stars.

“The phrase ‘ rock star’ as the phrase is ‘jam ‘ … as we go ‘jam ‘ ,” Thomas said. “It’s something that rubs me the wrong way. “

“I’m going to party like a rock star. ‘re, Like, do not hesitate; you’re not a rock star. You’re just a guy who drinks too much. Know, that does not make you a rock star.”

With many of the married men, holidays, travel and wild groupie temptation is gone. Instead, it’s all about the music.

“I think we are successful musicians,” Thomas said. “We have been fortunate to be successful at it and because we had the time to succeed, we have had time to improve on it.”

As the group travels around the country this summer with the Goo Goo Dolls, the boys admit that there are still some occasions when the title is appropriate rock star.

“We have the opportunity to act like a rock star for two hours a night,” Paul Doucette told E! News describing his time on stage.

But when the lights came on and the crowds go, it’s back to normal.

“When we walk off stage and headed to the bus, I do not feel as if I were sexy rock star get on my bus,” Thomas said. “I’m like, I have to call my wife, I have finished watching my show, and I might be hungry. I have to go to training tomorrow.”

It seems that the band is really enjoying the “real world.”

Hear more of the boys and go behind the scenes at the Matchbox Twenty concert tonight. News at 7 and 23:30 p.m.