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Matchbox Twenty

Matchbox Twenty (formerly Matchbox 20) is a group of native American rock band from Orlando, Florida and has sell over 39 million albums worldwide. The current members are Rob Thomas (vocals, piano), Kyle Cook (guitar), Paul Doucette (drums) and Brian Yale (bass) and Adam Gaynor (rhythm guitar) who left the group in 2005. Thomas, Yale and Doucette played in a local band Tabitha’s Secret. Producer Matt Serletic, then Orlando, hear the group and is very interested in the voice and compositions of Rob Thomas, but the contract he proposes is not suitable for two guitarists. Rob, Paul and Brian then decided to leave the band and form the band Matchbox Twenty, joined by guitarists Adam Gaynor and Kyle Cook.

Matchbox Twenty

Matchbox 20 released their debut book, yourself or an important person like you, in October 1996. While the first single Long Day knows a limited success, it is the second single push that will propel the group to the front of the stage amid controversy with feminist organizations. Follow the singles 3 am (the broadcast in 1998 in the United States song), Real World, Back 2 Good and even a sixth single in Australia, Girl Like That. The album becomes diamond disc in the U.S. with 12 million copies sold, thanks to the success of the radio hits, but also the successful collaboration with Santana (composition and vocals) on the global hit for which Rob Thomas Smooth reap 3 Grammy Awards. The album also YOSLY reach the fifth spot on the Billboard 200.


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Producer Matt Serletic, having just finished helping to turn to “Shine” by Collective Soul in an essential piece for MTV, met a guy named Rob Thomas, a skilled writer Orlando I was looking for a place. Serletic and Thomas proved musicians in search of a couple of people who could support Thomas the obvious ability to write good pop music. Thomas, born in Germany as a military child, I had played with drummer Paul Doucette and bassist Brain Yale in several local bands. They already were. Adam Gaynor and Kyle Cook, two guitarists able to push the sound of the band in all appropriate directions, soon followed. Matchbox Twenty was now complete and ready to drive into the studio.

Matchbox Twenty Perform In London
With Serletic in control and the best songs of Thomas on cassette, in October 1996 the band released “manually or relevant lyrics somehow fit between classic rock and modern. They went on tour to support the album and soon became his first hit: the debut single release “Push” came on the radio.

Matchbox Twenty pic

Matchbox Twenty became the perfect rock band for radios, were melodic enough to listen, heavy enough to rock and enough to cross demographic barriers.